I need elizadrool to expand on this, but the notion of Sweden as the home of all horrible og unmentionable moral, and spesifically sexual, badness, is so clearly based on watching Swedish porn in the sixties and seventies, that one must assume that the members of this church have some moral issues of their own.

(There is however a story to this – Swedish evangelist pastor Åke Green was some years ago to court for his rather distasteful attacks on gay people. This led to a certain reputation amongst some American preachers that Sweden is the home of all immoral acts, and with a state ready to defend gay people. The shock! The horror!)

But living in Scandinavia, the idea of the Swedes as the Masters of the Promiscous Sex-world, is completely silly. It is the Danes, stupid!

(Having checked the completely insane website assosiated with these people, http://www.godhatestheworld.com/, I realize that God does not hate Norway or Denmark, only Sweden. He does however hate Russia for being gay, incidently one of the most homophobic places on the planet. I feel that fact-checking is not high on the agenda with these people.)



Here in Norway we have a rather embarrassing political situation occupying us at the moment. Apparently, a politician in Parliament has, on a few occations on trips abroad, been so blatant in his pursuit of prostitutes that the head of Parliament has given him a sharp talking-to. This has been going on for some years, if I understand it correctly.

The rather more interesting episode has allegedly happened on a trip to some undisclosed country in Africa, where the problem of trafficing of women to Europe was the topic of discussion. Apparently, when session closed, this esteemed member of Parliament have then ventured out into the city, buying the services of the local women. He has also been quoted by one one the female participants on that trip, who found the whole thing rather inappropiate and confronted him about it, to have said that “What’s the difference between buying food and sex? I don’t understand why you are so upset”.

Charming, in so many ways.

He has – without being named – commented to say that the whole thing is ridicolous, he has never bought sex, never been reprimanded about it, and don’t understand why the journalist asked him this rude question. Something that strikes me as rather stupid, seeing as the head of Parliament has already confirmed the whole thing.

This story broke earlier in the week, and surprisingly his name has not yet been disclosed. Because honestly, in this day and age, these things have a tendency to see daylight rather quickly. And why don’t they learn?! The best thing to do is to admit, grovel, and beg for forgiveness. Every child knows this!

But it gives the whole country a feeling of – I don’t know if this is distasteful – holiday, to be honest. Everything else seems to be suspended, we all have something in common to talk about and despise (even other men who buy sex, because taxpayers money is involved), and it is that whole feeling of glee. Never to be underestimated.

Rumours are however starting to emerge about his identity, and in a country of 5 million people, you can hardly keep anything a secret. So I’m waiting eagerly for the groveling. That is the best part, don’t you think?

After the truly amazing election, now comes the time for jokes that does not revolve entirely around Sarah Palin. This is from The Onion. Of course, one might say.

un_buildingIt seems that however harsh the non-smoking laws are in New York, as in most cities and countries these days, it doesn’t apply to the UN building. There it is still allowed, probably because they couldn’t negociate an agreement between the countries that doesn’t allow smoking in public places, and those who do. Plus, I’m betting that diplomates from all over the world who like having a fag every now and again, revelling in the fact that they are the only ones in the great city of New York that can do so inside, over a pint, quite legally, are not kicking up a fuss to inforce these quite sensible laws.

And then we wonder why it is so difficult for the UN to establish peace various places on the globe, just by saying “please, stop it. We would really like you to stop now. We represent the whole world”.