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I stumbled upon a great article in The Times today, about the amount of hits you get if you search for Downfall +Hitler on YouTube, and why that might be funny. (Downfall being the english title for the German movie Der Untergang, about the last days of Hitler in the bunker in Berlin.)

The joke of course, plays on the fact that most english-speaking people don’t understand German, so that the subtitles – well, they could really say anything, couldn’t they.

And that is exactly what is going on. People take the original scene where his officers tells Hitler that the Russians are approaching Berlin fast and that there really is no way out, whereupon Hitler goes ballistic, and put new subtitles upon it.

There is the one where Hitler has been banned from World of Warcraft, the one where Hitler’s mom closed his porn-connection on the internet, Hitler having trouble with Windows Vista, all in all, people have the strangest, weirdest and funniest ideas for this.

My favourite so far is the one where Hitler realizes that he has lost his connection to Xbox live…


opener4-6247Funnily enough, after elizadrool posted the “Oh god, that is a big snake. And speaking of snakes…”-scenario the other day, Tim Dowling in The Guardian today muses about the different scenarios used to set up the sex, all of them of course completely silly. But maybe not so silly as that snake…

(Pictured above is the opening of what Tim Dowling happily refers to as The funeral parlour-scenario.)

twin-peaks-tv-02Watching Twin Peaks again, near on 20 years later, is strange on many levels. I can’t help thinking how far TV has come since then, and remembering how crap it mostly was before Twin Peaks. It is hard to try and recollect how truly strange it really was watching it, back in 1990.

But what almost gets to me the most, is the smoking. It is strange in most old TV-shows and movies, the amount of smoking that went on. Everywhere, all the time. Seeing as it hardly is allowed anywhere anymore, watching people smoking indoors, in schools, the sheriff’s office, in the hospital – God knows where people didn’t smoke in those days – is just plain weird. And it is not only the bad guys either, it is everyone.

There is one particularly weird smoking-incident in Twin Peaks that just blew my mind.

Audrey Horne is hiding in the closet in the office of the manager of Horne’s Department Store, to find out how he recruits girls from the department store to work as prostitutes at One Eyed Jacks.

So there she is, hiding in this closet with doors that are more like blinds, really. Smoking. And she continues to smoke in there while the manager talks to one of the girls. Without being discovered. Without anyone saying; “Can you smell smoke?”

And you simply don’t see that anymore. It is quite hard not to think that it was ment to be ironic or strange, in that peculiar Twin Peaks-way.

But I really don’t think so. And that is the strangest thing of all, in 2008.

(This clip from youtube has nothing what so ever to do with this particular scene. I just wanted to share Audrey Horne in all her glory.)

zoolanderFor some reason that I can’t really explain, I have never seen Zoolander before. I think it came out at a time in my life when I totally detested Ben Stiller. I don’t really know why I did that either, must have been something he did that ticked me off, poor thing.

But here I am, Saturday night, with nothing planned and quite a few unwatched DVDs on the shelf. And seeing as we are in the middle of a recession, the DVDs were bought on credit, I have no money, and quite possible will loose my job pretty soon, I thought it a wise move to spend the evening watching a few movies that already are in my possession.

And it is of course, as I assume you all know, SO funny! I love Stillers fabulous pose and Owen Wilsons wackiness, I love all the celebrities in it, and I absolutely love the stupid plot. And it doesn’t hurt with the silliest sex-scene in the history of movies either. Or the really, really small cellphone.

butch-cassidy-sundance-bh02I am an avid BBC World listener (is that weird, I wonder), and I sometimes come across these gems, and sometimes it is just the same news for hours on end. But since the Norwegian media is not particularly strong on foreign affairs, or interesting news of any kind, come to that, I find myself listening to the radio (an image that would be a lot stronger if I could say something like «the whole family gathered around the radio», but seeing as it is only me here, that would be a bit weird) the whole evening.

And I say this as someone who loves TV. But if you want news or good stories, the ones that take a bit of time to tell, the stories that are not necessarily easily explained or solved, then radio is sooo much better.

Right now I am listening to a story about what really happened to Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in Bolivia. Not that important, truth be told, but it makes my heart sing, nonetheless. Because, let’s face it; can you get anyone more sexy than those two, gay as they are in this movie? I think not! (And I do realize that the real ones probably didn’t look like Robert Redford and Paul Newman, but that is something I am willing to ignore.)

And now I want to learn Spanish.