I stumbled upon a great article in The Times today, about the amount of hits you get if you search for Downfall +Hitler on YouTube, and why that might be funny. (Downfall being the english title for the German movie Der Untergang, about the last days of Hitler in the bunker in Berlin.)

The joke of course, plays on the fact that most english-speaking people don’t understand German, so that the subtitles – well, they could really say anything, couldn’t they.

And that is exactly what is going on. People take the original scene where his officers tells Hitler that the Russians are approaching Berlin fast and that there really is no way out, whereupon Hitler goes ballistic, and put new subtitles upon it.

There is the one where Hitler has been banned from World of Warcraft, the one where Hitler’s mom closed his porn-connection on the internet, Hitler having trouble with Windows Vista, all in all, people have the strangest, weirdest and funniest ideas for this.

My favourite so far is the one where Hitler realizes that he has lost his connection to Xbox live…