nattbordJames McAdam has made this rather nifty bedside table for the nervous amongst us, and those willing to fight off their enemies, it seems.

However cool it looks, I’m afraid it is not for me. I am scared of things that go bump in the night, but very rarely is this the right weapon to get rid of them, if everything I have learned from Joss Whedon is correct. And I am quite sure that it is.

And if I really should have a bog standard burglar in my house, I would curl up and try to will the bastard away. To attack someone when you don’t know what to do, is far more likely to end with getting yourself injured, I fear.

Plus, the amount of books, newspapers, coffee-mugs and assorted crap that would have to be tossed on the floor in the process of assembling this in my bedroom, would surely alert the burglar to my existence long before I was ready to wack him over the head.

But I gotta give it to James – rather good idea!