I’m not very proud of it, but I am tired of Barack Obama, the movie, now. We got inspired, they got ignited, you got elected, all right! Next story please.

A bulimic consumer of politics, I am not alone. Everything is a story, in this case: a drama series where we just watched the most fantastic season finale ever. And now I need the summer hiatus to catch my breath and work up an appetite.

Or perhaps it’s just that I fear what the sequal might contain. Divorce, failure to lead, daughters on drugs… There’s no end to my speculation. Didn’t we feel the same way about Clinton back then? Don’t you wish that movie had ended with his inauguration speech, at least the second one?

And if not failures in life, then the story logic itself begs for drama. He’s risen so high, the fall is inevitable. Don’t blame the journalists for tearing him down, we’re the ones that change. Our perception of that boyish grin, suddenly too smug, the bright mind elitist, eloquence empty. To the lions. Next.

Perhaps we can have a little Christmas hiatus and turn back on January 20th? It would be good for him, good for us, good for the story. A breather.

I’m high on hope and I want it to linger. And then you can get on with the story. I promise.