zoolanderFor some reason that I can’t really explain, I have never seen Zoolander before. I think it came out at a time in my life when I totally detested Ben Stiller. I don’t really know why I did that either, must have been something he did that ticked me off, poor thing.

But here I am, Saturday night, with nothing planned and quite a few unwatched DVDs on the shelf. And seeing as we are in the middle of a recession, the DVDs were bought on credit, I have no money, and quite possible will loose my job pretty soon, I thought it a wise move to spend the evening watching a few movies that already are in my possession.

And it is of course, as I assume you all know, SO funny! I love Stillers fabulous pose and Owen Wilsons wackiness, I love all the celebrities in it, and I absolutely love the stupid plot. And it doesn’t hurt with the silliest sex-scene in the history of movies either. Or the really, really small cellphone.