I used to live in London. Love the city, hated living there. Mostly because I lived in a rather crap neighbourhood with a somewhat peculiar boyfriend. If I had tons of money and could live in Hampstead – well, that would be a completely different story, I think.

However, watching Closer tonight, a movie that is a perfectly tangled web of love stories between four of the most beautiful people on the planet, and about the general difficulty of life, really, I can’t help falling in love with London all over again. Closer is a bit like Sliding Doors, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones, in that respect. However Closer is a bit more complicated a movie than the romantic comedies I suppose the other movies would have to be described as.

I do love them all, and not only because they paint London in such a glorious light. I love romantic comedies in general, so I’m quite easily pleased, really. But the two Gwyneths in Sliding Doors intrigue me, Notting Hill is just happy silliness, and Bridget Jones – well, it’s Bridget Jones, isn’t it? Defining woman of the 90’s, when all is said and done.