It’s just how it is. It is more fun to plan than to do.

To plan is to brainstorm for wonderful names (why, oh why, did we not end up with To plan is to think out great thematic concepts and imagine hoards of readers, to write one’s acceptance speech at blog awards and to imagine having to turn away advertisers because we don’t like their products. And because [overbearing laughter], we just simply have enough money already…

To do is to think. To write. To be bold. To not delete your entire blog out of fear.

It really shouldn’t be that difficult. The world is filled with issues. Barack Obama was elected president this week. There is war, famine, violation of human rights, butter that’s not made of cream. The world is melting and the cod is almost extinct (Though Swedes are the only ones caring. Boycotting cod is big over here right now. I nod sympathetically, though I’m not sure I understand the problem).

Enough to start with, one might think.

And yet, my mind is filled with the very little things. My inability to work out. Wanting a new job. Craving cheeze doodles but not being bothered to go out in the rain (the corner 7/11 a mere 50 meters away).

Must sharpen mind. Must do better. Will just have a glass of wine and watch a seson of West Wing. Tomorrow is filled with promise!