butch-cassidy-sundance-bh02I am an avid BBC World listener (is that weird, I wonder), and I sometimes come across these gems, and sometimes it is just the same news for hours on end. But since the Norwegian media is not particularly strong on foreign affairs, or interesting news of any kind, come to that, I find myself listening to the radio (an image that would be a lot stronger if I could say something like «the whole family gathered around the radio», but seeing as it is only me here, that would be a bit weird) the whole evening.

And I say this as someone who loves TV. But if you want news or good stories, the ones that take a bit of time to tell, the stories that are not necessarily easily explained or solved, then radio is sooo much better.

Right now I am listening to a story about what really happened to Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in Bolivia. Not that important, truth be told, but it makes my heart sing, nonetheless. Because, let’s face it; can you get anyone more sexy than those two, gay as they are in this movie? I think not! (And I do realize that the real ones probably didn’t look like Robert Redford and Paul Newman, but that is something I am willing to ignore.)

And now I want to learn Spanish.